Nightmare on time sheet; how we overhauled the time logging process (part 2)

By Becky Burks on Jun 22, 2017

Hint: you'll need to read part 1 first for this post to make sense.

Phase 2: Imagine

The CX team got together to discuss the problems and carry out an internal ideation workshop to tackle them. We knew that we had 3 key tasks:

  • Improve people’s knowledge of why time logging is important
  • Create a culture of time logging as a habit; and
  • Make the systems they needed to use simpler and clearer while having less of them!
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The bullseye (not bored) scrum board

By Neil Clark on Jun 8, 2017

I’ve wanted to write something about Infomentum's scrum board since its inception in late 2012. Now seemed as good a time as any to share the story...

During an end of sprint retrospective, one of our developers Jakub said “I'm bored of the board.” That didn’t surprise me.

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Microservices: decomposing monolith and what can go wrong

By Matteo Formica | Head of Integration Technologies on May 25, 2017

Wait! Have you read 'What are microservices' blog posts part 1 and part 2? You need to cover those out before reading on.

When it comes to microservices, the million dollar question is: “How do I decompose my monolith into microservices?”. Well, as you can imagine this can be done in many ways, and here I will be suggesting some guidelines.

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Are microservices really SOA in disguise?

By Matteo Formica | Head of Integration Technologies on May 18, 2017

I’m going to pick up from last week’s post when we discussed the microservices definition, and looked at the alternative approach to microservices, aka the monolith. Make sure you read that before carrying on with this post.

Why is the microservices approach different? Let’s explore the main features one by one.

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