How is AI changing content development?

By Samantha Schwab on Jul 4, 2024

Hi fellow marketers! I'm a Marketing Manager here at Infomentum, and today I want to talk about the different ways AI is revolutionising the world of content development. If you're passionate about creating engaging content (and in marketing, who isn’t?), you’ll want to be part of the conversation!

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The power of a CMS partner

By Samantha Schwab on Oct 13, 2023

All marketers know a Content Management System (CMS) is a business's digital backbone. Whether working for a startup or an established enterprise, managing content seamlessly is key to enabling success. Moving to a new CMS or upgrading your existing one is a hefty task. When done poorly, there are major consequences for your team (and your wallet!). Fear not - this is where certified partners come into play!

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