How to use Bitbucket pipelines to deploy to WPEngine

By Diego Maeoka, Senior UI Consultant on Sep 8, 2021

We developers love to use and create automated processes! If something is repetitive, we have an urge to write a bash script, a gulp/grunt task, etc. It is in our nature! If we can automate, we will automate.

Topics: DevOps Tech
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DevOps: cultural reconstruction

By Luke Rixson on Dec 7, 2017

A wise man once said "If you are going to dive head-first into DevOps, better pack a parachute". Aside from the fact that this man was me, the point is still valid. 

Infomentum had started maturing into a DevOps culture, which involved the developers using tools normally associated with DevOps to solve development problems. We were calling it DevOps for several years, even though the actual DevOps culture, practices and support were not in place. The changes made were effective at enhancing the development lifecycle, but were completely separate and sliced off from the rest of the organisation. This meant that infrastructure needed to catch up so that the DevOps practices could be fully utilised throughout the company. The major issue with DevOps is that it really is all or nothing; as soon as you have segregated processes and half-utilised technologies, the power of DevOps is completely negated.

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