MuleSoft TDD with the use of MUnit

By Spiros Pappas, Senior MuleSoft Consultant on May 20, 2020

Unit testing has always been an integral part of software engineering because it ensures that problems in the code are isolated and fixed long before they become an issue in production. With the introduction and adoption of Agile framework, unit testing has changed dramatically because of the test-driven development (TDD) methodology. TDD is a software development strategy in which unit tests are used to drive the development process. In this blog, I explain how to practice TDD and share some tips on how to write great unit tests using MUnit.

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Innovative Test Automation Recognised at European Software Testing Awards

By Infomentum on Oct 26, 2015

Hot on the heels of their latest award from the UK Oracle User Group, Infomentum is announced as a contender for Best Test Automation Project at the European Software Testing Awards.

Infomentum was selected for the shortlist after sharing an innovative automotive customer story. The project demanded complex, bespoke simulation of an end-to-end car diagnostics scan, offering significant challenges for the test team to overcome. The achievements made by the team were recognised by the awards judges.

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