Infomentum is growing up!

Written by Infomentum,   Aug 3, 2015

We’ve been keeping a secret. Just by landing on our website you have likely noticed that we’re looking pretty different. We’re delighted to introduce the new Infomentum brand.

We’re proud of our roots. We’re proud of what our team achieves day in, day out. That’s why our new brand better reflects our clients, our capability and our people.

We’ve upgraded our green to a more accessible flavour. And with Infomentum now a recognised brand name, we have changed the way we write it. To keep auto-correct everywhere happy, we’ve moved away from spelling our name infoMENTUM and taken on the new form Infomentum.

Dan Shepherd, Co-founder & Operations Director at Infomentum said: “Our people are experts in what they do, and are a huge part of Infomentum’s success. That’s why our new brand features so many familiar faces! It really reflects our values and showcases the innovative customers who we work with each day. We want to take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners and suppliers for their continued support, and we hope that everyone likes the new brand as much as we do!”

To see more of the brand, take a browse around our website to see how our services could help your business.

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