What I learned during my first MuleSoft Connect.

Photo of Olga Kepa, MuleSoft Developer Written by Olga Kepa, MuleSoft Developer,   Jul 2, 2022

The highlight of my week? My first MuleSoft Connect 2022! It was the first in-person event in almost 3(!)years. So, in case you missed it, I would like to share what I learned and enjoyed the most during that eventful day.

Olga Kepa pass to MS Connect

Let's start with the location. The conference took place in a stunning place - London's Tobacco Dock in East London. As you can guess, this impressive warehouse was built around 1800 to store tobacco. To protect precious substances, the owners added a high wall that is still very impressive.


The best part of such a large conference is to learn first-hand about the latest or planned releases. The new big players are MuleSoft Composer and Anypoint Flex Gateway. The Composer is a no-code system integration tool that even non-developers can use. Anypoint Flex Gateway is designed to manage and secure even non-Mule APIs, no matter how they were developed and where they run! The MuleSoft team showed how to use these tools together to complete integration in literally a few minutes! 


Throughout the day, I attended many engaging technical sessions and talks about MuleSoft customers' stories. However, a few presentations undoubtedly stood out. 

one of many sessions

I couldn't miss the talk about climate change and how MuleSoft can help deal with sustainability challenges. Although initially sceptical, I discovered that the right software in the right place can play a critical role and even support the transition to a low carbon economy.


As a part of the Women at MuleSoft Panel, a few inspiring ladies shared their experience working and developing careers in the male-dominated sector. They talked about supporting young women considering a career in IT and explained how our male colleagues could encourage more ladies to join the tech industry! As a passionate supporter of equality in the workplace, I was thrilled to discover that MuleSoft identifies gender diversity as one of its top priorities.

Empower women at MS connect

Another of my favourite sessions was the demonstration of MuleSoft Composer and MuleSoft RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities. It was an excellent opportunity to see both new additions to the MuleSoft family working wonders for Healthcare. MuleSoft RPA from the recent Servicetrace acquisition automates repetitive, rule-based manual tasks by replacing people with bots. Robots can intelligently process documents in various formats, send emails, and enter data, to name a few. Furthermore, bots can execute APIs, while an API can call a bot. I believe that API-based integration with RPA capabilities is an extremely powerful combination. We even wrote an article about how RPA and APIs work together.


MuleSoft Composer, MuleSoft RPA and Anypoint Platform are parts of MuleSoft's unified suite of products. The primary purpose of having all three tools under one umbrella is to drive hyperautomation - automation of everything within a company on a large scale. It was fascinating to watch both MuleSoft Composer and RPA in action!

MuleSoft logo at MS Connect

What a day! I was excited to learn that technology is not a stranger to global challenges, like the climate change crisis and gender inequality. It was great to understand how organisations in different sectors successfully use integration to solve various problems. But most of all, I enjoyed tech demos. After all, I am a software developer. 

Looking forward to MuleSoft Connect 2023! 😊 

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