Corporate culture is the number one barrier to digital transformation

Written by Infomentum,   Mar 17, 2015

Despite widespread commitment to digital technologies and trends, UK businesses are still falling behind as a result of inflexible corporate cultures. That’s according to a new report from digital experience consultancy Infomentum, which compiled the thoughts of key players including Oracle, BAE Systems, The Ministry of Justice and others.

The most commonly cited barriers are:

1. An inflexible top-down company culture

2. The increasing pace of technological change

3. A lack of in-house expertise in digital technology

4. The perceived high costs associated with new technology investments

5. Strict corporate or government regulations within some sectors

Following discussions at Infomentum’s recent Digital Transformation roundtable debate, these five trends were identified by C-level executives from; Cancer Research, The Prince’s Trust, BAE Systems, Oracle, Old Mutual Group, Avascope, Infomentum and the Ministry of Justice.

“If you don’t have a culture that stimulates and allows innovation, you’re not going to be a digital leader,” said Neil Sholay, Head of Digital EMEA at Oracle.

On announcing the launch of the new Talking Transformation report, Vikram Setia, Founder and Commercial Director at Infomentum said,

“Digital Transformation is a vital part of any business strategy. It doesn’t matter how renowned your brand is or how stable your market appears to be, some new technology will eventually come along and disrupt it. With the right culture, and the development of a core digital strategy, businesses can begin to insulate themselves from this disruption. Our new report gives a rare insight into how top businesses are achieving this.”

Additional findings from the Infomentum roundtable highlighted the need for businesses to crowdsource their innovations and assign digital representation throughout an organisation.

Our new 12 page guide, titled Talking Transformation - A CEOs Guide to Dealing With Digital Disruption, summarises the key barriers to digital transformation and outlines how IT and business managers can look to address these shortfalls.

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