From WebCenter Specialist to Author; Infomentum’s Amr Gawish

Written by Infomentum,   Apr 1, 2014

London, April 1 2014 

Amr Gawish, one of Infomentum’s skilled Oracle Middleware Consultants, has published a brand new book on Oracle ADF technology. 

The book, titled Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook, was published on 26 March and is available topurchase now. It documents over 80 different recipes teaching readers about individual aspects of Oracle ADF Faces.  

Following a practical approach, ADF developers will learn to harness the power of Oracle ADF Faces to create exceptional user interfaces and reactive applications. Readers will also learn how to build components for reuse in different applications and tune the performance of their ADF Faces application. It is written to be suitable for those who are familiar with Java application development, Java EE frameworks and JSF, but may not have prior experience with Oracle ADF Faces. The book also follows the latest updates to Oracle ADF Faces 12c. 

Alongside Amr authoring the cookbook, two of Infomentum’s Oracle Middleware Specialists, Mauro Flores and Matteo Formica, technically reviewed the book before it was published.

Amr said: “I’m very proud that my book has been published – it’s great to finally see it in print after all of the hard work that has gone into putting it together. I hope that other ADF developers enjoy reading the cookbook as much as I enjoyed writing it!” 

You can preview Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook and buy your copy on Amazon.

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