5 steps to successful Generation C marketing

Written by Infomentum,   Apr 1, 2019

For years, marketers have looked to the latest generation to lead their branding efforts and define the latest trends. We’ve been through the baby boomers, then Generation X, Y and finally Z. So the question is: what next?

GenC online experience smallCurrently, there is much discussion surrounding Generation C. Unlike previous generations, Gen C does not describe a physical age bracket, but rather a ‘psychographic group’ linked through an obsession with technology and an ‘always-on’ attitude to communication.

This 24-hour connectivity presents a major opportunity for marketers looking to build engagement. The only problem is, just because Gen C are permanently listening, doesn’t mean they are interested in what you have to say. If anything, the greater degree of noise might make you less likely to be heard.

So, how can you get your promotion through the Gen C clutter? That’s the question we at Infomentum looked to answer through our recent report. We questioned over 1000 tech-savvy professionals to work out exactly what makes Gen C consumers tick. And the results are in…

  • Speed is everything
    In a world of constant connectivity and instant access information, slow loading content is Gen C’s worst nightmare. According to our results, 66.2% of Gen C considers slow loading times the biggest annoyance online. As a result, marketers should be careful to avoid overloading their sites with bandwidth-hungry interactive content.


  • Simplify the user journey
    If speed is everything for Gen C, then a clear navigation on a website or app should be top of the marketing agenda. Of those surveyed, 89.6% of Gen C considered clear navigation to be either ‘important’ or ‘very important’. When describing their frustrations with websites, 1 in 5 Gen C members considered difficult navigation to be a source of annoyance. A further 86.4% said that easy access to the right information was important to them.


  • Lose the ads
    Generation C highlighted that pop-ups and online advertising as one of their greatest sources of frustration. Rather than being blasted with adverts, social media has allowed Gen C to develop a two-way dialogue with brands. This is now an expectation, with pop-ups and banner ads being considered not only old fashioned but also an infringement on the browsing experience. Connected consumers mainly rely on online tribes and search to decide on products and brands. For example, the use of “best” in mobile searches is up 80 percent in the past two years. 


  • Be beautiful
    As it becomes increasingly easy for users to publish high-quality content, Gen C has grown ever more critical of low quality work. As a result, they are significantly more likely to appreciate well-designed and aesthetically pleasing content than any other tech-savvy group.


  • If you’re not already… Go mobile
    It may seem like an obvious point, but many businesses are still failing to reach the mobile market. With continuous access to information rapidly becoming an expected norm, it is more important than ever for organisations to ensure that their content is easily available on mobile devices. The survey by Tecmark UK shows that mobile consumers spend almost 3 hours on their phones each day.


Find out more about Gen C marketing, and download the full report on how to generate success with Generation C.  

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