Are you ready for Generation C?

Written by Infomentum,   Mar 4, 2019

Generation C - these people are your customers, your employees and maybe even yourself. Generation C is the connected generation; they are digital natives who are completely au fait with the latest gadgets and technologies.

They are always computerised, always online communicating, clicking and connecting with their community of peers. They are one of the largest demographics and they’re expanding all the time.Engaging Generation C

In the research, carried out by Censuswide, we surveyed over 1000 desk-based office workers because we wanted to understand the impact this emerging demographic is having on business. We wanted to understand their attitudes towards the technology which constantly surrounds them, how they behave online and as consumers and employees and how they perform in the workplace. We wanted to know how they judge potential employers and most importantly, how employers can get the most out of them.

54% of the survey respondents were identified as Gen C. The remaining respondents admitted that being online and connected doesn't dictate their lives (40%) and 6% saying that they only see technology as a means to an end.

In the full report, we address the key behaviours of Gen C as consumers and as employees. Based on the research, the report also includes a business guide for how to get the best from Generation C whether as your employees or your consumers.

Intrigued? Do you think you could be Generation C? Are Gen C your employees or your consumers?

Download and read the full report ‘Generating Success with Generation C.

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