A Business Guide to Generation C

Written by Infomentum,   Mar 4, 2019

With Generation C already a huge demographic which is growing every day, businesses need to ensure that they are capturing Gen C’s attention, whether as their customer, potential customer or employee.

Despite the fact that this group is constantly expanding, the findings of our research report indicate that businesses are not catering for Generation C as effectively as they could be. As a result, they could be missing out on generating revenue by exploiting the connected generation.

Retaining your Gen C employee

As their employee, one simple thing that bosses can do to accommodate Generation C is to allow flexibleProductive Generation C Employees working; the survey showed that this freedom allows them to be more creative. Better still, the vast majority of bosses involved in the survey noted that they trusted employees not to skive when they aren’t in the office – great news for Gen C employees.

For CIOs and IT managers worrying that their equipment simply isn’t up to scratch, there’s also good news. Gen C aren’t necessarily aiming for the best and most expensive technology on the market, they simply want to work in the best way possible for them. This could mean bringing their own device to work, or the option to work flexibly from different locations. For this to happen, it’s the internal systems which crucially need to be up to standard.

An effective content and information management system will allow Gen C employees to access documents quickly and easily, without wasting time looking for the information they need, or worse, having to recreate a document that they can’t find. This system needs to be accessible whatever the device being used, and whether or not the employee is in the office.

Don’t forget your website

It’s not just internal documents that need to be accessible on the go. With both employees and consumers using your website, it’s also essential that it gives the best possible user experience across multiple channels. Gen C expect websites to be responsive to the type of device they are using.

Gen C don’t appreciate being bombarded with sales message, and will be immediately switched off from websites with annoying pop-up adverts. Perhaps more frustrating for these digital natives however is not being able to get onto a website at all; over half of survey respondents noted slow loading pages as their biggest bugbear online.

Socialise with Gen C

Generation C are highly collaborative and appreciate two-way conversations. With that in mind, utilising social media is indispensable, through whichever channel is the best medium for your business and industry.

For more hints and tips for businesses to interact effectively with Generation C, download the full report ‘Generating Success with Generation C’.

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