World Mental Health Day - sharing top tips to stay healthy

Photo of Charlie Stapleton Written by Charlie Stapleton,   Oct 7, 2022

This World Mental Health day, we're talking about the effect of the winter period. The winter months can take their toll for many reasons - shorter days, lack of vitamin D, more time spent indoors, and, need we mention, the increased bills.

7796210Couple this with the pressure of the holiday season, all those endless events to attend, gifts to buy, and pressure to conform to tradition, all whilst putting our happy faces on. It's a stress-inducing time for some. While others might feel lonely, faced with constant images of a seemingly perfect Christmas on social media.


We encourage our team to try the following tips:

  • Morning strolls to make the most of the winter sun, plus vitamin D supplement.
  • Stick to regular exercise and diet routines despite cold and dark days.
  • Take the holiday pressure off by only attending events that you really want to. Take time to rest, and don't try to please everybody. The people who care about you will understand!
  • Lessen the financial pressure by giving simple or non-tangible gifts or skipping gift-giving altogether. The holidays are about more than gifting anyway.
  • Be thoughtful of those who don't celebrate Christmas, those who don't have traditional families, and those who may be spending the holidays alone. Try not to pass judgment on others.
  • If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, know when to ask for help. Ask yourself how long you have been feeling like this. Reach out to loved ones if you need to
  • Likewise, reach out to someone behaving differently or showing signs of ill mental health. It never hurts to ask how they're doing. Talking with someone who cares may be just what they need.


Do you have any tips on how to survive the winter season? 

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