Emerging from the cocoon: digital transformation

Written by Infomentum,   Oct 30, 2014

Technology has already become a permanent fixture in everyday life, so the need for businesses to have a digital strategy in place is becoming increasingly obligatory. This poses a challenge for businesses, which not only need to update their legacy technologies to keep up but also their business methodologies.

To address this era of digital disruption, businesses need to go through a digital transformation.

But weren’t we just talking about digital disruption?

In our last blog post, we explored what digital disruption is and why businesses need to stand up and start paying attention. Digital transformation is the period of change that businesses need to go through in order to cope with digital disruption and come out the other side as successful companies, switched on to both their customers and their employee’s needs.

Digital transformation is a result of businesses seeking to adapt to this onslaught of disruptive technologies affecting the way that customer, employees and even the competition behave.

But why?

People are becoming more and more digitally savvy; they’re always connected to their device, always communicating and always collaborating with their peers. Our Generation C research demonstrated this. We’ve got employees expecting to work wherever they want from the device of their choosing and collaborate with colleagues in different locations. Customers are demanding multi-channel experiences and hyper-personalisation.

Businesses that can respond quickly to customers, offer collaboration and knowledge sharing to employees and provide flexibility are moving ahead of the competition in leaps and bounds.

Now you know what it is, how do you transform digitally?

In short, businesses need a digital strategy. This should feed into the wider transformation strategy for the business, meeting overall business objectives.

It starts with identifying your digital vision and where you want to be. Then compare to where you are now – this will determine the gaps so you can start to close them. It’s often difficult to gain an unbiased, holistic view of your business from within and to understand the future technology roadmap which will enable you to get to where you need to be without disrupting business as usual. That’s where companies like infoMENTUM can step in to carry out a strategic assessment for you.

In my next blog post, I’ll explore the key trends disrupting businesses and causing digital transformation.

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