Rachel Edwards on 17 April 2014

Generation C is the connected generation – they are digital natives who are constantly communicating, computerised, community-orientated and always clicking.

As the connected generation, it’s not surprising that Generation C spend much of their time online; they shop (88%), bank (87%), visit forums (57%) and stream TV (68%) regularly.

Not only are Gen C carrying out all of these activities and more online, they’re using a multitude of devices. They want to access this online information whenever and wherever they want, whether that’s from a desk or anywhere out and about.

Gen C expect websites to be responsive to the device they are using, fast loading and they want to ability to carry out self-service tasks online.

But Gen C are frustrated online. Why?

According to our research, a staggering 98.5% of Generation C stated that they are dissatisfied by the features of websites. Their five worst rated features were:

  1. Slow loading pages (66.2%)Generation C are frustrated online
  2. Pop ups (57.8%)
  3. Advertisements (30%)
  4. Broken links (26.9%)
  5. Auto-playing videos (25.7%)

This has a big impact on Generation C, who see the internet as a completely immersive part of their lives. They are less patient online than their non-Gen C counterparts, having become so accustomed to super-fast broadband and 3G/4G connections. Poor websites will immediately put Gen C consumers off.

They’re social

Social media sites feature heavily in Gen C’s online connections. We found that 86% of Generation C are using social media sites to interact with family and friends, and their immediate circle aren’t the only ones influencing their behaviour. Due to their desire to collaborate, Generation C are also the most likely consumers to reach out to their peers across the world through forums and social sites such as Twitter, where they can communicate with other Gen C’ers outside of their immediate circle who they would not otherwise come across.

And it’s not just interacting with peers that draws Gen C to social media; they expect to be able to engage with companies online too. 75.5% of Generation C survey respondents listed ‘being able to contact a company easily through different channels’ as important to them. It’s obvious that Generation C value interactivity highly and appreciate a two-way dialogue with brands rather than being bombarded with sales messages.

With so many online interactions happening every day, can you afford for your website not to engage Generation C? Download the full report, ‘Generating Success with Generation C’, to read more about how Gen C behave online and how to appeal to them.